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(we can RGB your life)

(or not at all)

We only measure things in "insignificant" and a "F. Ton"

What happens when your friend fires you from his company? This.

Welcome to Anaheim Electronics, In Anaheim, we only provide a F. ton of value in your creations, with an insignificant amount of trouble. 

Unlike our competitors. And our past employer.

We dont bite. Nor do we suck. An
d we definately dont inflate prices. 

- Anaheim Electronics Team



"THANK YOU! for the hard work to create this computer for me, my wife and i will definately appreciate the price to performance ratio of what you have built for us!"

"With delivery and 24/7 support, i'll ask my friends to drop you guys a message on his next upcoming build"

"Very patient staff in the company, willing to cater to most if not all whims on configuration changes. Also proficient at recommending different components to ensure compatibility"

So What are you waiting for?

There is no time like now.

Drop us a message on the below email, widget, or message us on facebook for a quick system quote!



West Ridges @ Bukit Batok, 440D Bukit Batok Avenue 8, #11-755, Singapore 654440

*We will not be accepting any phone calls. Kindly contact us through the above mentioned email, or the widget as shown

Thanks for submitting!

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